Annual Recertification - "Sustained Flight" and "High Flyer" Awards

Designation as a Bird Friendly community indicates that minimum standards have been met. Community engagement to continually recognize and ameliorate threats to birds is critical for long-term success.

Renewing your designation requires four components: 1) updating your most recently met criteria including short comments of any significant acheivements or why a criteria was dropped; 2) adding any new criteria met; 3) a short summary of any significant events for each of the three main goals; and 4) generating an invoice and submitting the application fee. Photos of flags, signs, and activities as well as URLS to any media coverage of recognition of your community may be emailed to Bird Friendly Iowa for inclusion on your highlight page.

Sustained FlightEach year a community must reapply and demonstrate it continues meeting the minimal criteria. After three years of successful participation in the program, a community will be awarded "Sustained Flight" status. 

High FlierAs additional criteria are met, the more "bird friendly" a community becomes. Communities may be awarded "High Flyer" status as their portfolio of achievements increases by incorporating enhanced criteria items. For those applying, please provide concrete examples of how your community is meeting each criteria. For example, if your community has a “Cats Indoors” program, what steps or actions does your community take to ensure that your citizens comply with this program?

Any changes to a community's infrastructure or operational procedures that would negatively impact the threat to birds; i.e., rescinding of a city ordinance relating to pesticide use or new construction which is not bird friendly, must be included in the narrative submitted. Any changes which become known to Bird Friendly Iowa and are not addressed in the narrative will be assessed by the BFI review team before approval of a recertification.