How to Apply for Certification/Recertification

Bird Friendly Iowa, a community education and action program, mobilizes citizens and public officials who already know that birds are more than beautiful - they are an important part of a healthy ecosystem and critical to our quality of life.

Initial certification and subsequent recertifications follow the exact same process with an annual application. Applications consist of two pieces of information saved as PDFs (these may be combined into one document using Adobe Acrobat) and a nonrefundable $100 application fee. Your initial fee must be recieved before designation can be granted.

  1. Complete the identification form and click the button to save it as a PDF for submission. This document creates these parts of your application.
    1. Preamble
    2. Community partners
    3. Checklist of criteria met 
  2. In narrative form, address how your community meets the specified criteria, designating the specific criteria you meet. Include copies of any supporting documentation from other entities. You will write this as a word processing document (Word or other software), but be sure to save it as a PDF when you are finished. You may wish to use this template to get started.
    1. Protect, restore and enhance native habitat for birds and other wildlife
    2. Reduce threats to birds and other wildlife 
    3. Educate and engage people in birding and wildlife conservation

Once you have met the requirements and have been designated a Bird Friendly City, submit a brief report (PDF format) illustrating in words and photos what projects helped you meet the criteria (parts of which may be copied from your application). These will be placed on our website to not only recognize your success but to help others meet their goals.