About Pleasant Hill

Pleasant Hill first achieved Bird Friendly City status in 2018.

Pleasant Hill is favored by a dissected topography. It lies at the confluence of Four Mile Creek (a major Polk County drainage) and the Des Moines River. The community lies astride a major corridor for migratory species. The floodplain(s), bluffland and upland woodland provide excellent habitat for both resident and migratory species.

The land management practices of the City also favor avian resources. Reduced pesticide use on public lands, rainscaping practices, use of native plants for landscaping at public facilities, restoration of native savanna and woodland, and substantial areas of restored grassland all support and encourage use by resident and migratory species.

A new 80 acre park has been purchased and is being developed. 30+ acres of native woodland is be cleared of invasive species while the remainder of the disturbed land (former crop ground) will feature areas of prairie reconstruction as well as the use of damp soil/wetland species in the rainscaping and storm water controls intermixed with more traditional park activities.