About Clinton County

Clinton County first achieved Bird Friendly County status in 2022.

Bordered by the Mississippi River on the east and the Wapsipinicon River on the south, Clinton County holds 10,700 acres of public lands and waters, with a variety of habitats that make it especially bird friendly. Over 250 bird species have been documented in Clinton County, of which 68 are Species of Greatest Conservation Need. To support and enhance greater wildlife diversity, Clinton County Conservation (CCC) personnel assist private landowners in planting wildlife-friendly native trees and shrubs and help create more wetlands and prairies. To reduce threats of lead-poisoning, use of non-toxic ammunition is required on all CCC managed areas. As a leader in environmental education, CCC uses the Eden Valley Nature Center and the Mississippi River Eco Tourism Center to educate and engage people in birding and conservation, where 16 different slide shows feature birds and bird conservation. To build a core group of citizen scientists, CCC hosted Building Better Birders Cruises and Citizen Scientists Workshops. CCC Naturalists dedicated an entire room at one center for bird education, and live raptors are routinely used to educate about birds of prey. Citizens participate in Audubon Christmas Bird Counts, Great Backyard Bird Counts, and Sandhill Crane Counts. Clinton Bald Eagle Watch and Eagle Point Park Hawk Watch events are held annually.