About Marion

Marion first achieved Bird Friendly City status in 2021.
The Marion community is a leader in Iowa bird conservation and bird appreciation. Marion Parks & Recreation, working closely with Iowa BIG and the Friends of Marion Parks created a Bird Friendly information webpage for the public that contains informational resources on a variety of birding and conservation topics, including Marion and Linn County bird lists and links to resources that provide information on how citizens can be involved in protecting birds, how they can create wildlife habitat in their yards, and how they can aid in conservation efforts. Marion is a Tree City USA and plants ~200 trees per season, with its Urban Forestry Division focused on ensuring that the trees planted help increase species diversity throughout the city. Its Parks & Recreation program manages more than 115 acres of native prairie and pollinator habitat within the community, and the city and Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation co-manage 110 acres of forest in Faulkes Heritage Woods. Marion continues to advocate for more community involvement in urban bird conservation through education and engagement opportunities.