About Bremer County

Bremer County first achieved Bird Friendly County status in 2021.

Bremer County citizens appreciate wildlife and the habitats that support them, and it is the only county with two designated Bird Friendly Cities, Denver and Tripoli. Bremer County Conservation holds and manages 4,380 acres of public land, and Iowa DNR holds an additional 5,074 acres. With so much public land, Bremer County serves as the centerpiece for the Wapsi River Bird Conservation Area. Its core areas are Sweet Marsh Wildlife Area and the Wapsipinicon River Greenbelt. With a large variety of habitats, especially floodplain wetlands, forests, savannas and grasslands, 252 species of birds can be found in Bremer County, and 83 are Species of Greatest Conservation Need. The state designated Wapsi River Water Trail provides opportunities to observe a wide assortment of birds and other wildlife species. County citizens maintain bluebird and kestrel nest box trails, and citizen volunteers monitor Bald Eagle nests for Iowa DNR. Bremer County Naturalists coordinate an Annual Sandhill Crane Count each April, and Prairie Rapids Audubon Society members annually conduct a Christmas Bird Count. County Conservation staff promote bird-friendly practices through a roadside management program, and naturalists provide a variety of educational programs and events for schools and the public, including birding hikes, field trips, and other bird-focused presentations.

Media About Community Bird Friendly Activities

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