Meet the BFI Coordinator

Annie FangmanAnnie Fangman started working as the Bird Friendly Iowa Coordinator in March 2022. In this role, she works to promote the BFI program across Iowa, helps communities apply for BFI status, and strengthens efforts to make Iowa a more bird-friendly state. She also owns and manages a landscape design business called, Red-Tail Planning & Design. Her work focuses on creating and maintaining landscapes that utilize native plants and natural materials to create habitat for wildlife and enhance people's connection to nature in their yards and public park spaces. She also specializes in protecting and managing existing wild spaces to preserve critical habitats and ecosystems.Annie Fangman

She graduated from Iowa State University in 2012 with degrees in Landscape Architecture and Environmental Studies. Since then she has earned experience both in the field working on an organic farm and leading a natural resources technician crew as well as behind the desk working with communities and clients on design projects and working to develop education programs at an environmental nonprofit organization.

Reach out to her at to get started or continue your bird-friendly initiatives in your community.

The Coordinator position is funded by the Resource Enhancement and Protection Conservation Education Program (REAP CEP).

REAPResource Enhancement and Protection Program (REAP): Invest in Iowa, our outdoors, our heritage, our people. REAP is supported by the state of Iowa, providing funding to public and private partners for natural and cultural resources projects, including water quality, wildlife habitat, soil conservation, parks, trails, historic preservation and more.