Order Additional Signs, Flags and Other Bird Friendly Iowa Materials

BFI Sign BFI Flag

If your approved bird-friendly community would like to order additional flags or get some brochures for community events, please use this order form. The QR code stickers may be applied to signs placed where folks might use them to get more information.

Additional signs must be ordered directly using this form from Iowa Prison Industries. A required approval letter will need to be uploaded when you order. Request one from Bird Friendly Iowa

Arrangements will be made for delivery after receipt of your payment which should be sent to Bird Friendly Iowa, Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation, Attn: Bird Friendly Iowa, 505 5th Ave. STE 444.

  Item Cost Number
Flag Flag $75.00
QR Code Stickers QR Code Stickers $0.00
BFI Brochure BFI Brochure $0.00
10 Simple Things to Help Birds Brochure 10 Simple Things to Help Birds Brochure $0.00