Bird Friendly Counties

County Boards of Supervisors, working with their county conservation boards, are eligible to apply for county designation. This is a competitive process so meeting more than the minimum criteria will increase your chances. The application consists of:

  1. The pre-application page of your intent to apply and the primary contact person who will set up a login to complete the web-based forms for your county.
  2. The informational page with the local officials and list of partners. 
  3. Determine the criteria for each category where you will place your focus.
  4. Using the generated template for your criteria, describe in narrative form how you meet each one. Supporting documents are welcome.
  5. Submit your application as a PDF to Bird Friendly Iowa.

Applications received by the due date are ranked by a sub-committee knowledgable of county conservation with the top-ranked ones referred to the Bird Friendly Iowa steering committee for approval. If you are notified of acceptance, mail your $100 application fee to Trees Forever with a notation it is for Bird Friendly Iowa.

This year's deadline: 12/8/2023 by 4pm.