About Story County

Story County first achieved Bird Friendly County status in 2020.
Story County Conservation’s mission is connecting people with nature and improving natural resources – making Story County a great place to live, work and recreate. Story County is doing excellent work to protect and restore valuable habitat, reduce threats to birds, and educate and engage people in birding and conservation. Story County Conservation maintains 3,500 acres in 39 parks and many natural areas within the county. There have been 327 species of birds documented to exist on the 4,780 acres of publicly owned and managed lands in Story County. Importantly, 147 bird species have nested in Story County, with at least 140 of these species nesting on public land. There have been 106 Species of Greatest Conservation Need documented in Story County, with 103 bird Species of Greatest Conservation Need documented on Story County public land, especially benefiting from the well-managed native (and restored to native) habitats that exist on these lands. Story County’s Environmental Education Program is one of the best in the state, working with school districts and day cares to provide classroom programs and outdoor field trips that promote environmental awareness and enjoyment of our natural resources. Story County’s new designation as a Bird Friendly County communicates recognition that birds benefit our environment, economy, and quality of life in Story County, inspiring citizens to consider ways to be bird-friendly in our daily and professional lives.