What Is "Bird Friendly Iowa"?

A statewide bird habitat conservation and educational outreach program created by a partnership of Iowa conservation organizations. The flagship outreach and action program of Bird Friendly Iowa is called "Bird Friendly City", similar to the Arbor Day Foundation's "Tree City USA" program. Other states have recently initiated programs called "Bird City" or "Bird Town" programs, with "Bird City Wisconsin" being recognized as the national leader.

Bird Friendly Iowa was envisioned by its partners as a program which could promote birds and habitat conservation in a variety of public and private locations across the entire landscape. Bird Friendly City is the first phase of what is intended to become an even more all-encompassing program.

  • Bird Friendly Iowa works with communities, organizations and citizens to create and enhance essential habitats that support birds.
  • Educates citizens about the importance of birds and healthy ecosystems.
  • Provides public recognition for those who work for sustainable solutions for birds.

Partner Organizations

Iowa Audubon

Iowa County Conservation Systems

Iowa Department of Natural Resources

Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation

Iowa Ornithologists' Union

Iowa Wildlife Center

Trees Forever